Our Priest

Our Priest, V. Rev. Archpriest Seraphim Cardoza, is a former evangelical pastor who was drawn to Eastern Orthodox Christianity for its unbroken line of fidelity to the faith founded by Jesus Christ Himself, upon His Apostles and Holy Scripture. In 1995 he was ordained by His Grace, Metropolitan Hilarion, and assigned by Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco to minister to the small ROCOR congregation in Medford Oregon.

He has served as the priest of both St. Innocent and St. Catherine Russian Orthodox Church since then. Father Seraphim is married to Matushka Julianna, an active and important part of our parish community, who in July 2009 was awarded the special Gramata award from Archbishop Kyrill for her faithfulness as Matushka and her talent of singing and conducting the choir’s ability to lead others to prayer.



Fr. Seraphim Interview on Orthodox Christianity











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