Who we are

A parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR), St. Innocent was founded in 1982 as a house church in Medford Oregon.  Its small body of believers struggled for years without a priest, though from time to time a priest, or priest-monk, visited to celebrate the Divine Liturgy. Father Seraphim became the priest of St. Innocent in 1995.

In 1998, St. Innocent received the donation of a small barn a mile east of the town of Rogue River which was converted to a place for worship. Due to deterioration however, this structure had to be demolished and in 2005, services were moved to  St. Catherine’s Russian Orthodox Church in Wimer, Oregon.  Thanks to God’s blessings, in 2008 St. Innocent received approval to build a new church in Rogue River, a beautiful sanctuary to replace this older church, and the first new Russian Orthodox Church to be built on the West Coast in 70 years.  Construction of this church is in God’s hands; “Unless the Lord builds the house, you build in vain.”  In the meantime, St. Innocent services are currently being held at our sister church, St. Catherine’s in Wimer, Oregon.

St. Innocent, while remaining part of the Russian Church, is no longer an ethnic parish in people or language. However, even though our members are almost entirely American converts, and all services are in English, St. Innocent strives to maintain the traditional Orthodox ethos, and the ancient way of life and worship.

Video, St. Innocent Service



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