Our Clergy

Father Joshua

Father Joshua Cardoza became a priest at St. Innocent Orthodox Church in June of 2020, after receiving his Master of Divinity degree from Holy Cross Seminary in Massachusetts.

Father Joshua says the most exciting thing about becoming a priest is being able to lead all the committed Orthodox Christians who are a part of St Innocent’s family. “I want to inspire them and all people about how much God loves them, and that it is through the Orthodox Christian tradition that one can truly be transfigured and become so filled with God in union with Him that we can shine in His likeness,” says Fr. Joshua. “Furthermore, I’m excited that with the help of all the members of the St Innocent community, that we can continue to build on my father’s legacy in developing and growing the Orthodox Church in Rogue River and the surrounding area. My vision for St Innocent’s Church is to spread the Orthodox Christian Tradition to everybody, Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. That people in this area will be excited to come to church, because they know that our Church is a spiritual hospital where one can be healed and receive God’s unending love. And to quote my dad, Fr Seraphim, ‘that our church would be something beautiful for God and a haven of peace in a tortured world.’”

Father Joshua has been married to his high school sweetheart Angie for 33 years. They have three daughters: Brittany, Natalie and Faith.

Father Seraphim

Rev. Archpriest Seraphim Cardoza, is a former evangelical pastor who was drawn to Eastern Orthodox Christianity for its unbroken line of fidelity to the faith founded by Jesus Christ Himself, upon His Apostles and Holy Scripture. In 1995 he was ordained by His Grace, Metropolitan Hilarion, and assigned by Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco to minister to the small ROCOR congregation in Medford, Oregon.

He has served as the priest of both St. Innocent and St. Catherine Russian Orthodox Church since then. Father Seraphim is married to Matushka Julianna, an active and important part of our parish community, who in July 2009 was awarded the special Gramota award from Archbishop Kyrill for her faithfulness as Matushka and her talent of singing and conducting the choir’s ability to lead others to prayer.

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